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What Is EagleView® OnSite™?

After an extreme weather event, EagleView® OnSite™ brings properties with insurance claims right to the claims adjuster.

EagleView OnSite delivers high-resolution imagery from multiple camera sources directly to the adjuster’s desk following a weather event anywhere in the country. This fully-integrated, comprehensive application combines property imagery, property data and reports, and analytics on potential damage on properties. The platform allows insurance adjusters to add dynamic annotations to property files and analyze pre- and post-event imagery.

EagleView OnSite

Where Do Drone Operators Come In?

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), better known as drones, play an important role in capturing a portion of that imagery. Drone operator networks can join EagleView OnSite Solutions, our field services organization, and become part of this innovative process.

Certified EagleView OnSite Solutions representatives visit the site and capture imagery with a drone. They then upload the images into the EagleView OnSite application to help insurance adjusters make determinations on property insurance claims.

EagleView OnSite Solutions is seeking commercial UAS operator networks to join in these missions to offer insurance carriers more imagery after a catastrophic event.

OnSite Drone Network

Why Join Us?

When your drone network becomes a part of EagleView OnSite Solutions, you can…

  • Create more jobs in your network’s pipeline
  • Offer your drone operator base more opportunities for missions
  • Get more commercial UAS pilots interested in joining your team


To get started, you’ll need to meet the requirements for becoming an affiliate with EagleView OnSite Solutions:

    • To join, your drone operator network must have at least 25 drone operators
    • All drone operators who complete missions for EagleView OnSite Solutions must have a remote pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (per the Part 107 rule)
    • Individual operators must successfully complete certification training to be selected for missions

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