eReport: Current Technology Trends in Public Safety


Did you know that…

  • 385 mass shootings (with four or more deaths or injuries) occurred in 2016?
  • the last decade saw an average of 150 members of law enforcements killed in the line of duty every year?
  • approximately 100,000 first responders (including police, firefighters, and EMS workers) report job-related injuries and illnesses each year?
  • research indicates that emergency response times reduced by just a single minute would save more than 10,000 lives annually?

How can you serve the public, reduce on-the-job risks, and ultimately save lives? The new eReport from EagleView®, Current Technology Trends in Public Safety, takes a close look at the challenges public safety professionals face and narrows down the must-have technologies to overcome today's threats, including:

  1. Advances in 9-1-1 dispatch technology
  2. The integration of mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) in public safety
  3. Interior mapping technology and three-dimensional building models

Download the Current Technology Trends in Public Safety eReport to access recent statistics surrounding mass shootings and violent crimes as well as the top on-the-job risks for public safety professionals. The report contains research and insight into the roles 9-1-1 dispatchers, police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, and other emergency responders play in our communities and is a must-read for public safety officials.

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