REPORT: Solar Contractors’ Industry Trends & Outlook

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Roughly three-quarters of all solar contractors plan to invest in new technology this year. Is your business among them?

The price of installing a solar photovoltaic system has dropped by 73% in the last decade alone. Due to lower costs as well as tax incentives, the United States currently has more than 20 gigawatts of installed solar capacity – enough energy to power around 4.6 million homes!


With an estimated $4.4 billion in growth expected over the next five years, the solar industry is faced with a tremendous boom – but also enormous amounts of competition.

EagleView surveyed more than 200 solar industry professionals on the trends they follow and the challenges they face. By understanding the opportunities and limitations the industry currently presents, solar companies can better allocate their resources and plan for sustained growth.

Our latest eReport contains nearly 50 pages of data on:

  • Technology investments by business type, company size, and geographic region
  • Budget allocations for new technology
  • Time and money spent on site surveys
  • Obstacles surrounding site redesigns
  • Challenges and costs related to business growth

In our report, you’ll learn how much the average site survey can cost, how long site surveys and system redesigns take, which types of investments solar companies are making, and other vital information on industry growth.

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